Friday, January 30, 2015

House Hunters

My favourite TV show these days is Househunters, a series that follows people as they search for a new home somewhere in the USA.  I also like Househunters International, which follows people who are searching for a new home somewhere outside of the US.

My husband thinks I watch this show because I'm dissatisfied with our own home and I want to move into a bigger/nicer one.  This is not true.  I actually love our little home, probably more than he does.  I couldn't care less about not having a garage, for instance.

I just love houses, period.  I love to see all kinds of different homes, new and old, for various budgets and needs, in different geographical areas.  I like to see what people do to a home once they move into it.  How it gets decorated or renovated.  I don't like watching the renovations, I just like to see the outcome.

Sometimes my kids watch the show with me.  This is great, because what Househunters does quite unwittingly, is demonstrate the great variety of couples and families in our world today.  My kids have seen gay couples of both genders, mixed race couples, blended families, older couples, even best friends, and occasionally single men and women, all searching for a place to call home.  Sometimes the budget is $150,000.  Sometimes it's $1 million.  Sometimes the people are looking to rent since they will be living in a different country temporarily.  In all cases, the participants tour through three possible homes/apartments, talking about what they like or don't like - what matches up with their expectations and what doesn't.  At the end they decide which home to buy/rent based on budget and practicality.  Then the producers return after a few months to show what the home looks like and how the participants are adjusting to the new place.

I guess it's the ultimate shopping show, because what is more fun than looking for a new house?  I do like to pretend for a half hour that I'm searching with the participants, trying to figure out which house is the best option, and what I might do to improve it.  I also get decorating/renovation ideas for my own home.  But in the end, it's simply about getting to look inside other people's homes which I suppose appeals to my voyeuristic and curious side.  Sometimes I get frustrated with the intelligence or annoyance factor of the participants and I have to turn off the show.  Sometimes I wish I could be friends with the participants because we think alike and have the same sense of humour. 

I'll never forget, one couple was in a foreign city looking for a rental home, and the real estate agent asked if they'd like to pick up their three kids to bring them along on the home search.  They both said, "No!", and the mom laughed and said "Our family is not a democracy."


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